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We are exclusive rights holders to use the famous retro character from classic cartoons: Kozaky (Cossacks), Treasure Island, Captain Vrungel. In addition, we have the license rights of modern brands: Goose, GAPCHINSKA, Prima Maria. If you want your animated video or other digital content to attract the attention of a wide audience, contact us.
Cartoon videos with Kozaky about reforms in Ukraine
Client: Internews-Ukraine is an organization with expertise in the media, communications, education and consulting market.
Our solutions: In 2017, our Art Nation Studio team with Internews-Ukraine created four 30-second cartoons with the legendary cossacks. Animation videos told about reforms in Ukraine: Energy dependence, Affordable medicines, Fair rates and Hospitals in the regions.

The images of the legendary cossacks Gray, Oko, and Tour were chosen for a reason: according to GFK polls in 2017, 95% of Ukrainians like the retro brand Kozaky.

For each series, we created animation and original scripts in which the cossacks tested innovations in medicine and energy.

The trust and affection that Ukrainians have for the retro brand Kozaky have been transferred to animated videos about reforms. As a result, 40 million viewers and 1 million YouTube users reviewed the new series with our heroes for 3 months. 17 million listeners heard the series on the radio.

According to polls, 6 out of 10 Ukrainians were informed about the reforms. The level of awareness turned out to be higher among the people who saw the series, compared with people who did not know and did not hear new videos with our heroes.
Cartoon Cossacks playing football at the Donbas Arena
Client: FC Shakhtar
Our solutions: In 2017, by the order of FC Shakhtar, we created the cartoon Cossacks playing football at the Donbas Arena with our retro brand Kozaky, which we are producing.

The legendary animation heroes Tur, Oko, and Gray have been known as skilled football players since 1970 when the animated film Cossacks play football was released, and subsequently confirmed their talents with the animated series Kozaky. Football in 2016. Therefore, the creation of a new animated film on football subjects was only a matter of time.

During three months our 13 professional and talented animators, directors, and scriptwriters worked to create an original story and animation. In addition to the favorite cossacks of Tur, Oko, and Gray, the audience was able to cheer for the animated images of the players of FC Shakhtar Taison, Andriy Pyatov, Darijo Srna, and head coach Paulo Fonseca, and also to visit three football stadiums in Ukraine in a matter of seconds.

Cossacks playing football at the Donbas Arena is an animated congratulation, thanks to which it was possible to pleasantly surprise and congratulate FC Shakhtar fans on the upcoming New Year holidays.

Result: The news about the release of a new series with Oko, Tur, and Gray scattered dozens of national media, including UNIAN, Den', the Internet portal Espresso. TV, Today. The video was published on the resources of the Shakhtar football club and gained about 120 thousand views.

Posters and videos Goose in the subway
Client: Kyiv Metro
Our solutions: We developed posters, videos and held an exhibition of posters with Goose, a favorite of Facebook.

All for passengers to learn the subway rules. The hero of this campaign was the favorite Internet meme Goose.

We have developed 9 humorous videos with Goose, who talks the passengers in an ironic and humorous way about the rules of the subway. The animation was broadcast on the information screens of the subway. Also, as part of the Kyiv Metro information campaign, posters with Goose were placed in subway cars, and a thematic poster exhibition was held in the lobby of the Golden Gate station.

Therefore, passengers could conveniently to learn the vital rules.

To better inform the audience, we posted a video on the official metro page on Facebook. Users were able to share the video among their friends on Facebook.

Result: Thanks to the relevant character of Goose and the original humorous presentation of audiovisual content, passengers began to get acquainted with the rules in the subway and tell each other about them. On Facebook, users shared a video with a Goose more than 1000 times. More than 200 news and videos about the collaboration of Goose and the Kyiv Metro appeared in the media.

The promotion campaign was appreciated not only by passengers and users of social networks but also by marketing professionals.

Our brand received bronze in the advertising competition ADC* UA Awards "Promotion. New media" for the project "Goose in the subway". Our brand Goose won the special MMR: Co-Cre:ativ of the Year award for the most controversial and daring collaboration that metro passengers were doomed to.
Wet wipes Smile Décor GAPCHINSKA with Augmented Reality
Client: Biosphere Corporation is the largest manufacturer and distributor of home care and personal care products.
Our decision
We have developed and implemented the idea of innovative packaging for wet wipes Smile Décor GAPCHINSKA Alice in Wonderland with AR. A conventional hygiene product has become more attractive and valuable to the consumer. With the help of a mobile app, the characters of Lewis Carroll's work come to life, and the consumer, meanwhile, receives positive emotions from interacting with the product.

Over the year, the corporation sold 3 million packages of Smile Décor GAPCHINSKA wipes.

The packaging was appreciated by the buyers and the authoritative jury of the All-Ukrainian competition Ukrainian Packaging Star 2018. Case won the Packaging for Industrial Products nomination.

The jury took into account the characteristics of the packaging material, construction, and design, ease of use, economical, safety and environmental friendliness.
Box of sweets GAPCHINSKA Lubimov with AR
Client: Mulby Foods is one of the largest producers of chocolate and sweets in Ukraine.
Our decision
In 2017, we developed and implemented the first in Ukraine packaging of sweets with augmented reality. The packaging GAPCHINSKA Lubimov with famous angels was a pleasant surprise for fans of the chocolate collaboration of the brand GAPCHINSKA and TM Lubimov. The consumer received more than expected - the angels came to life with the mobile app. With the help of bright packaging and AR, we recreated the atmosphere of magic, made the fairy tale a reality. Besides, with the application, everyone can record a congratulation for a loved one and send it online to the recipient by mail or messenger. In support of the new packaging, the Give Happiness promotion campaign was launched at the Gulliver Mall on the eve of romantic holidays - Valentine's Day and March 8th.

Thanks to the bright packaging with AR, the GAPCHINSKA Lubimov candy box received a strong point of difference from competitors. We have increased the emotional response of the buyer to the product. The consumer received additional value: pleasant emotions, a new experience. This decision contributed to the growth of sales and product turnover. Also, Mulby Foods distinguished itself as an innovative company.

Packaging with AR also was appreciated by the professional marketing community. The Give Happiness case was nominated for Marketing Innovation Best Practices.
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